Why Is Fiberglass Impact Doors A Stylish & Durable Solution For Coastal Living?

By Published On: May 30, 2024Categories: Impact Doors
fiberglass impact doors

From the soothing sound of the waves to that refreshing light coastal breeze and perfect sunsets, coastal living offers tranquility at its finest. But coastal living can also come with its fair set of challenges when it comes to maintaining your home.

Our homes are exposed to some tough environmental conditions, which can take their toll. From ongoing sun exposure to torrential rain and punishing wind, your coastal home needs the best protection it can get if it’s to last. Perhaps it’s time to consider fiberglass impact doors, which are known for their durability while also adding style to your home.

Designed For The Coast

Fiberglass is a strong composite consisting of a polymer resin that is reinforced by glass fibers. These embedded fibers give fiberglass impact doors a unique strength and hardiness. It’s far stronger than stainless steel and even titanium. The advantage is that fiberglass impact doors are very resistant to coastal wear and tear such as rust, rot, and warping. Unlike wood, the nature of the make-up of their polymer resin matrix means that they maintain long-term structural integrity, largely removing their need for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

A Fusing Of Style & Safety

With South Florida being prone to hurricanes, your doors must be able to withstand the onslaught of the wind speeds that a hurricane creates. At STS Impact Windows, Doors & Roofing, one of our manufacturers, PlastPro, offers a superior range of fiberglass impact doors. Their HVHZ Impact Series are tested and certified to meet the highest impact code requirements, while still offering an attractive design offering. The range boasts features such as:

When choosing the right impact door for your home, the winning recipe is to strike the balance between safety and style. Fiberglass impact doors make this very attainable with a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from. An example of this is the Plastpro Nova Series, which features glass that is glazed into the fiberglass. The result is the creation of a seamless blend. The glazed fiberglass finish allows for a high glass percentage, which means that you’ll enjoy more natural light filtering into your home.


A Versatile Aesthetic

Fiberglass impact doors are easily customizable. If you favor a wood finish aesthetic, then why not chat with the STS team about a wood-finish fiberglass option? Some of our manufacturers offer a natural look wood grain texture to create that classic look. This doesn’t compromise the strength and durability, as it’s still fiberglass. If you enjoy a minimalist aesthetic, then Plastpro’s Smooth Skin Series may be for you. This range is made from pre-pigmented white skin, which gives a minimal and clean finish. The customizable nature of fiberglass makes it an excellent contender when it comes to home design and durability.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Coastal homes are susceptible to higher levels of salt in the air, as well as ongoing sun exposure. Wood or steel materials don’t stand up well to these elements and will end up costing you ongoing maintenance fees. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is warp, fade, and rust resistant, which makes it a viable investment for your coastal property. Fiberglass doesn’t contain any metal, so it can never rust. This eliminates the huge maintenance risk that comes with coastal living. Simply invest in routine maintenance and inspections with your trusted impact door provider to ensure the longevity of your fiberglass impact doors.


A Highly Durable Solution

Fiberglass excels when it comes to durability. Fiberglass impact doors are made from the same material that is used to build airplanes, boats, and surfboards. Each of these items has to endure some of the toughest environmental pressures known to man. When comparing fiberglass to wood, wood tends to rot and swell in more humid climates. Steel on the other hand is prone to dents and can also be vulnerable to corrosion in salt-laden air. Fiberglass succumbs to none of these threats.

Enjoy Energy Efficiency

Coastal regions are known to experience temperature fluctuations, which can mess with your internal temperature regulation. Fiberglass impact doors will provide you with effective insulation by diminishing heat transfer and leakage. Therma-Tru Doors is another STS manufacturer that excels in energy efficiency. Their solid polyurethane foam core offers up to four times the insulating properties of wooden doors offer. Their airtight seal means that hot air won’t penetrate your home like wooden doors are known to do. This means that you’ll be less reliant on your HVAC to help maintain a constant climate, saving you money each month and ensuring you always have a comfortable living environment.

Prioritize Longevity With Professional installations

The ongoing longevity of your coastal home is reliant on tried and tested installation practices and well-thought-out maintenance. Using an experienced fiberglass impact door installer will ensure that all your impact doors will stand the test of time. Reputable installers are aware of issues such as moisture ingress, which can lead to significant damage to your floor over time.

Fiberglass Impact Doors In Boca Raton

At STS Impact Windows, Doors & Roofing, we specialize in the supply, installation, and maintenance of impact fiberglass doors. One of our experienced consultants will be able to advise you on the best suited aesthetic for your home, without compromising on strength and durability. We are South Florida’s leading provider of impact-resistant windows and doors. Call our friendly team today at 561-600-1018.

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