Should I Replace My Windows And Doors At The Same Time?

By Published On: June 20, 2024Categories: Impact Doors
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In this article, we discuss the advantages of replacing your impact doors and impact windows simultaneously, and why you’ll be glad you did.

1) Enhance Functionality

Investing in impact doors and windows enhances the functionality of your property. Upgrading from traditional wooden frames to modern alternatives improves your home insulation; however, replacing only the doors or the windows might not be sufficient. For example, new windows alone will not prevent drafts if the doors remain outdated.

Noise pollution from traffic, construction, and other daily disturbances can disrupt a home office environment. If you only replace your older doors and not your windows, the outside noise won’t be reduced substantially.

Simultaneously replacing both windows and doors can seal your space more effectively and substantially reduce external noise.

2) Upgrade Your Home’s Aesthetic

Replacing your windows and not your doors can make your property appear unfinished. Doors and windows should complement each other to enhance your property’s overall aesthetic.

Options like single-hung impact windows or double-hung impact windowsimpact french doors, and impact sliding doors offer aesthetic and functional upgrades. Choosing matching frame colors and styles results in a cohesive exterior appearance. Doing both replacements together not only allows for a unified design but also adds excitement to the selection process, ultimately enhancing your home’s visual appeal.

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3) Minimize Remodeling Stress

Home remodeling can be an inconvenience with all the noise and dust, so combining projects such as installing impact windows and doors simultaneously, can alleviate some of this stress. These installations often require similar skills, tools, and methods for removing and positioning windows and doors. Deciding to do your windows and doors in two separate installations increases the duration of disruption, usage of materials, and overall inconvenience. Although managing multiple installations at once may seem daunting, the benefits of consolidating your installation are significant. For optimal results, always hire a professional impact window and door installation company.

4) Save On Your Budget

Remodeling is never a cheap process, but planning can lead to cost savings. Combining your impact door and window installation can reduce your overall costs. This coordination allows for shared materials and tools, fewer transportation expenses, and potentially lower overall costs.

5) Enhance Energy Efficiency

Older doors and windows can lead to drafts and lack modern energy saving features available in newer impact models. Replacing both doors and windows simultaneously can significantly decrease your monthly energy bill. Choosing ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors to maximize these savings and a qualified installer can recommend the best products for your specific needs, whether for residential or commercial properties.

6) Elevate Home Safety

Upgrading to impact doors and windows not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home or business but also improves security. Often considered vulnerable entry points, doors, and windows that are upgraded to impact-resistant provide substantial strength and often deter intruders. Additionally, they are excellent at shielding your home from severe weather conditions like hurricanes, ensuring that high winds and flying debris do not breach your home.

7) Increase Property Value

Installing impact windows and doors not only enhances your home’s aesthetic but also its security, a crucial factor for potential buyers or renters. This upgrade significantly increases the overall value of your property.

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Our extensive experience in South Florida has given us the edge in understanding the effects of severe weather on homes and businesses. To discuss your impact window and door needs and determine if simultaneous replacement is right for you, contact one of our service agents today at 561-763-1675.

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