Maintenance Tips For Sliding Impact Doors

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Florida’s hurricane season is six months of heightened vigilance, stretching from the start of June to the end of November, with the highest likelihood of storms typically occurring from mid-August through October. During this time, the warming waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico became the breeding ground for tropical storms.

Despite popular belief, no part of Florida’s extensive 1,200-mile coastline is immune to hurricanes; each segment has experienced the impact of a hurricane since records began in 1850. Florida’s geographic positioning makes it a frequent target for these powerful natural events.

In response to these harsh weather conditions, homeowners must install high-quality, reinforced glass in their windows and sliding doors. The term for this glass is “impact glass”. Partnering with a trusted hurricane impact window company for the installation of these features is crucial, as ordinary glass options are prone to failure under the stress of severe weather. Reinforced glass options offer the dual benefits of enjoying the aesthetic and functional advantages of sliding impact doors without the worry of hurricane-induced damage.

Understanding Impact-Resistant Doors and Windows

Impact-resistant doors and windows incorporate specialized glass and durable frames designed to withstand the forces of nature. Selecting products with laminated or heat-strengthened glass is the most effective method for enhancing window and door resilience.

These fortified structures are not only built to resist the intense winds and destructive debris carried by hurricanes, but they also feature a laminated glass layer that minimizes the risk of shattering into dangerous projectiles.

Unlike standard glass, hurricane-resistant glass is engineered to resist shattering under the strain of a hurricane. Ordinary glass, by contrast, is prone to breaking, leading to potential hazards such as water and air infiltration, risk of injury, and the intrusion of debris into the home.


Upkeep Tips for Sliding Impact Doors in Florida

A well-installed glass door system minimizes the need for repairs, with simple maintenance sufficing to keep the doors in optimal condition.

Caring for Your Impact Glass

Choosing the appropriate cleaning materials is the first step in maintaining impact windows. Avoid paper towels; instead, opt for high-quality microfiber towels dedicated to this task. Equip yourself with two to four microfiber towels, a premium non-abrasive cleaner, a hose, and a squeegee.

Begin by rinsing each window with a hose to dislodge any surface dirt, avoiding high pressure that might damage the caulking. To prevent water spots, clean your windows out of direct sunlight.

After hosing down, use a squeegee to remove excess water, wipe from top to bottom, and dry the squeegee with a microfiber towel. Apply the glass cleaner with another clean microfiber towel, ensuring the product is non-abrasive to avoid scratching any special coatings.

Inspecting for Damage

After a storm, inspect your high-impact glass for any damage to its protective coating and interlayer. Any detected imperfections should be addressed immediately, as they could compromise the glass’s integrity during subsequent storms. UV protection is also at risk if the coating is damaged.

Cleaning Frames and Removing Debris

While soap and water can clean the glass surface, removing trapped dirt from the frames is equally important. If difficult, seek professional help to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent cracks that could worsen over time.

Avoiding Additional Films

The materials used in manufacturing impact glass doors are already of high quality; adding extra films might inadvertently degrade their performance.

Maintaining Tracks and Rollers

The horizontal sliding mechanism of these doors can be compromised by dirt accumulation in the tracks. Clean these tracks with a toothbrush or vacuum, and lubricate the tracks and locks to ensure smooth operation.

Regular Hardware Checks

Inspect all seals, locks, handles, and hinges regularly for wear or corrosion, and replace them as needed to maintain efficiency and safety.

Annual Professional Inspections

Consider annual professional inspections to ensure the integrity of your doors and to perform impact testing if necessary.


South Florida Impact Windows & Doors Installation Company

Maintaining your sliding impact doors is crucial for their durability and for ensuring safety and security. Regular upkeep will extend their life and offer peace of mind in areas prone to extreme weather. For more information on door maintenance, you can reach out to STS Impact Windows & Doors at 561-600-1018

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