single hung impact windowsSingle Hung and Double Hung windows, often referred to as sash windows are the most common window type used in the market today and standard choice for modern home construction. The significant difference between a Single Hung window and Double Hung window is the sash design (a movable panel that forms a frame to hold panes of glass). A single hung window has a movable lower sash and a fixed upper sash, while Double Hung window has two movable sashes; the upper sash slides down.

With Single Hung windows, the bottom sash easily moves up and down to allow the desired airflow within the home. Single Hung windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, patios, or porches because they open and close without protruding. Single Hung windows are the most common type of window in Florida due to impact window requirements.

Single Hung windows work in every home; they have that classic traditional look.

single hung
single-hung windows

Main Features

  • The top sash is fixed
  • Bottom sash moves up and down (non-protruding)
  • Removable half screen
  • Choice of equal sash configuration or bottom sash smaller (oriel style)
  • Colonial grids available per request

Why should I use hurricane resistant products at my home?

All our impact-resistant products ensure that your property is protected 365 days a year. If you are away on vacation, traveling for work, or you’re a Snowbird, there is no need to drop what you are doing and try to head home to install shutters for a storm that may or may not hit.

When you install hurricane shutters, they need to be deployed and taken down after every hurricane. Additionally, you’re often left to sit in the dark during a storm since all of your windows are covered, and you also may not have power. Impact windows look just like regular windows, but they protect against hurricane-force winds. Since impact windows don’t need to be covered, you can see outside during a hurricane, remain protected, and they have much more appealing aesthetics and add to the curb appeal of your home in comparison to aluminum hurricane shutters.

What makes Single Hung Windows a common Household choice?

One major reason why single-hung windows are a common choice is Cost. These are better than double hung screens and can be 10-20 percent smaller than their two-hung rival, according to Sven Kramer of Stanek Screens, LLC. While this does not seem like a big issue when you install one or two windows, the cost differential quickly adds up to homeowners who need a dozen windows. Simple windows could use to save the initial costs for those on a small budget.

Are Single Hung Impact Windows Safe?

Such windows are therefore minimal and a double hung window is a safer choice for almost all homeowners in the long run.  Since, in a single-hung window, only the lower sash opens, airflow constrained in the room. This can contribute to higher moisture and a small relief from the heat, fungal growth, and odor control in places that need further ventilation, such as the bathroom.

Single hung vinyl windows are often difficult to clean, particularly for houses built on or above the ground. Since the top shell can not be used, homeowners should only clean it off the top shell. To individual homes, it takes several window cleaning service contracts every year to clean those “impossible to access” windows. Single hung windows are more reliable than the aluminum window.

Benefits of Installing Single Hung Windows

While the costs of a single hung window are lower upfront, ventilation and cleaning expenses can, over time, be much more expensive than those of double-hung windows. Since the top sash is immovable on single-hung windows, it will also make construction work simpler if a single hung window is set up because of fewer rotating parts.

Single hung windows are a perfect choice for homeowners:

  • Maintain a real, historic appearance
  • Replacing multiple windows with potential cost savings
  • For first-floor replacement or low-level homes
  • Cottage homes Craftsman style


Which is better double hung or single hung?

Single hung and double hung windows, as seen by any home in the country with such windows are also perfect options. The choice based on your and your home’s specific needs. Any window theme you choose, now and in the future, you should look timeless.

Does the single hung windows consist the screens with them or not?

Yes, sometimes single hung windows have screens but only on the bottom half of the screen. It does not have a screen for the non-moving part of the window.

Does the single hung windows consist the screens with them or not?

Yes, sometimes single hung windows have screens but only on the bottom half of the screen. It does not have a screen for the non-moving part of the window.

How much is a single hung window?

Usually, single hung windows cost less than double-hung windows. Mainly because they have less moving parts and are simpler to manufacture. With a single hanging frame, construction is often cheaper; less moving parts are required, and a double hang needs additional effort to ensure airtightness. They usually are in a range of about $100-$300.

How does a single hung window work?

The bottom panel or sash is moved upright in a single hung window, while the upper sash is stationary. The bottom sash at least partially blocks the upper sash when opened. When opened. Since only the lower sash opens in a single hung window, there is little ventilation available in the room.

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