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Looking to purchase your first home in sunny South Florida? Whether you’re moving to the Sunshine State and planning to buy a home or looking to upgrade from renting to owning, Florida has so many different classic styles of homes to choose from. We’ve gone through a few of the most popular home styles below: Ranch Style, Victorian, Mediterranean, and Contemporary. Each type of home has its own unique look; there is a perfect fit for every type of homebuyer! 

Ranch Style


This style of home is the most popular style in Florida. It features a single story with a garage on one side of the house. Because this model of home is one story, it’s a smart choice for new families, as well as senior citizens. Historically, this single-story home has always been a prime choice for Florida because rooflines were constructed low with wide eaves, and as such, do well in combating the sun. The tradition of the ranch-style home can be followed back to North American Spanish Colonial Architecture. By 1950, this style of home accounted for 9 out of every 10 new homes in the United States! Some of the typical features of ranch style homes include: 

  • Mix of materials on the exterior (such as brick, wood, stone and stucco)
  • Cross-gabled, side-gabled or hip roof
  • Deep, overhanging eaves
  • Large windows
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Attached garages
  • Back patio
  • Single-story 
  • Open concept 
  • Normally 3 bedrooms

There are also modifications of the classic ranch style home, like the California ranch, suburban ranch, split-level ranch, raised ranch, and storybook ranch. These types of modifications came into existence with the changing needs of families. For instance, the suburban ranch became popular post-WWII and is a style smaller than its California counterpart. The split-level ranch was made popular in the 1970s as single-story homes started to fall out of style.  



Victorian-style is a beautiful choice of home with attention to detail. The homes follow the style of Medieval Gothic and Romanesque construction. The Victorian style of home came into popularity in America in the late 19th century, no doubt inspired by artistic details seen at the 1876 Centennial International Exposition, (the first official World’s Fair). Many factors made the construction of these homes possible, such as the ability to export materials over newly established railroad systems. 

The style of Victorian home most often seen in Florida is the Queen Anne style. The features of this type of home include steeply pitched roofs and wrap-around porches with ornamental trim that give off the classic “gingerbread effect”. These houses are normally over the top with ornate details and are often painted in whimsical colors which accentuate these details. Sometimes, these houses may also have octagonal towers, reminiscent of castle turrets. The Queen Anne style specifically is also known for large windows that are equally functional and decorative. All Victorian homes are uniquely different, but the main features include: 

  • Steep, gabled roofs
  • Round angles
  • Towers, turrets and dormers
  • Shapely windows, (i.e. bay windows)
  • Stained glass
  • Decorative woodwork
  • Bright colours
  • Two or three stories
  • Added nooks
  • High ceilings 
  • Ornate wooden trim
  • Detailed staircases 

Types of Victorian homes can be classified by the time period from which the architecture was inspired: Gothic Revival (1830 – 1860), Italianate (1840 – 1870), Second Empire (1852 – 1870), Slick-Eastlake (1860-1890), Folk Victorian (1870 – 1910), and Queen Anne (1875-1905).


Mediterranean style homes carry a look of affluence and opulence. A unique style of home, this type is the perfect choice for any individual wishing to live in the lap of luxury. The Mediterranean home was popularized in the 1920’s when people were wanting for more elegant lifestyles. In South Florida, the Mediterranean style was developed and executed by Addison Mizner, one of the most famous architects among the social elite. Mizner studied in Spain and Latin America and instilled the Spanish aesthetic that still prevails in architectural design today. The features commonly found in all Mediterranean homes are:

  • Sprawling, symmetrical facades
  • Stucco exteriors 
  • Low-pitched, tile roofs
  • Arched windows and doorways
  • Wrought-iron balconies and window grilles
  • European-style gardens or courtyards
  • One or two stories
  • Rectangular floor plan
  • High ceilings
  • Wood and patterned tile
  • Breezy construction 

The Mediterranean style of home is normally built with an open concept and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living. Usually these homes are created with a feel of exaggerated openness, like with the installation of elongated windows and archways, and they often feature upgraded appliances and fixtures. 


Contemporary homes offer a fresh feel for any homeowner looking to live in the midst of the modern age. Contemporary homes are versatile and customizable! The main features of a contemporary home include:

  • An irregular, asymmetrical facade
  • Geometric shapes
  • Good use of natural light
  • Open floor plan in L, T, H, or U shape
  • Utilization of outdoor space
  • Flexible and adaptable layout 
  • Large windows, often placed non-symmetrically 
  • Clerestory windows
  • One or two stories
  • Local or recycled building materials
  • Sustainable materials
  • Green appliances

Contemporary homes grew to adapt to the needs of 20th-century homebuyers. These homes are the perfect balance of form and function. They are often updated and function as smart homes, featuring centrally run appliances, such as easily programmable lights and electrical switches that can turn off autonomously to protect against power surges.  No matter which type of home you decide to buy in South Florida, you’ll want to make sure your investment is secured, and the value is retained. STS Impact Windows & Doors can help you make the right choices in terms of home security and efficiency by installing impact resistant windows and doors on your new property. Regardless of which type of home you purchase, we can help you retain the classic look of your chosen style with a multitude of beautiful window and door options.

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