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Impact Windows

If you need your home to be able to withstand the world’s most extreme climate conditions, then you need to have your home outfitted with high-quality and professionally installed impact windows to keep you and the things most precious to you free from weather’s harm. STS is one of South Florida’s leading distributors of impact windows that are built to last and shield your home from the debris kicked up by tropical storms and hurricanes. impact windows do so without detracting the look of your home but beautifying it. Standard non-impact windows cannot offer the security that impact windows do, leaving you and your family and your home vulnerable. Impact windows supplied by STS are made only with the toughest and more durable commercial-grade glass available on the market and materials that have been tried and tested to be able to stand up to hurricane-force winds, driving rain and damaging hail.

What is an impact window?

They are also known by the name hurricane rated windows or impact resistant windows, these products are built to resist the impact of flying debris as a result of hurricane force winds. With the correct approval for their specific zone, a homeowner will not be required to provide an additional window or door coverings. This eliminates the need to put up coverings or scramble for plywood during the stress of pre-hurricane preparations.

Hurricane Impact Windows

While for many people the image of South Florida is one of the pristine beaches and sun-drenched sand, sunshine state homeowners are all too familiar with the ever-present danger presented by tropical storms and hurricanes. Protecting your home with hurricane impact windows is something every property owner in the state should have in their arsenal. Hurricanes can pack winds of more than 150 miles per hour, well more than standard windows are built to stand up to. Only with hurricane impact windows can you be assured your property and precious belongings are protected. Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and aesthetically appealing, hurricane proof windows – supplied and installed by our team of professionals at STS – are the best defence against mother nature’s wrath. So when the local meteorologist is forecasting the next big storm, rest assured that with hurricane windows, you and your home will be ready for whatever comes your way.

Impact Resistant Windows

Impact resistant windows are a must-have for all Florida homeowners. For while windows may offer a beautiful view of the green Florida landscape and its sun-drenched beaches, it can also be a weak point for the heavy wind and rain emblematic of Florida’s climate. Supplied and installed by STS, South Florida’s foremost distributor, impact resistant windows provide reliable protection for your hearth and home. Impact resistant windows are made to order and expertly installed by the STS team of professional craftsmen, shoring up your home’s defenses well before nature’s wrath comes calling. Our impact resistant windows are made with the industry’s toughest materials, made to withstand whatever comes blowing your way. So the next time you are admiring the view of a coming storm from the comfort of your home, you can do so with the security and comfort that only impact resistant windows supplied and installed by STS can provide.

How much do impact windows cost?

Rising insurance rates and the risk to one’s personal belongings are a concern for every homeowner in the precocious times. Impact windows cost is quickly mitigated by the savings that sturdy and secure windows add to a home. Whether it is a reduced bottom line of your monthly energy bill or the untold emotional toll caused by a storm’s damaging wind and rain, whatever impact windows cost, they are designed to save you money in the long run. No matter your home’s age or style, for long-term savings and the serenity only safety can offer, impact windows cost only adds to your home’s value. Custom made to fit and installed by our team of licensed and trained professionals, your bottom line, and the security of your home is our highest priority. Make STS your one-stop and let our talented team help you save on the impact windows cost while suring up your home.

Impact Windows Miami

Owning a home in South Florida, one must become accustomed to the threat of severe weather. Hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions are the order of things. Impact windows Miami must be able to hold up against those very storms with their accompanying wind and rain. Hurricane Andrew, one of the most devastating storms to ever make landfall on the continental United States, wiped out entire communities around the Miami area with wind speeds topping out at 165 miles per hour. Impact windows Miami is the first defense for the South Florida homeowner. STS can outfit your Sunshine State domicile with impact windows Miami made with industrial-strength material to safeguard your home, your family, and your valuables. Impact windows Miami are just the addition you and your house need to truly make it a home and the smart choice to protect your office or business from the dangers of mother nature’s wrath as well.

PGT Impact Windows

PGT impact windows are made of the toughest and most durable commercially available materials, making them the No. 1 brand of impact windows and doors across the nation. Tested relentlessly against all forms of abuse – including hurricane-force winds, PGT impact windows stand up to the challenge of the industry’s preeminent testing organization time and again, something is done for all of the PGT products lines. PGT impact windows are also custom-made and tailored to your home, specifically, no matter what the size or shape need may be, made to give your home a uniform look and curb appeal, as well as the comfort only the security of PGT impact windows can provide. The customizable options include sizes, flexible designs, a wide variety of different colored frame options, sliding glass doors, tinted glass, energy-saving, privacy glass, grid styles and patterns and ever sea turtle protection code glass, not to mention the multiple styles, locking mechanisms and opening options at your disposal.

What are the best hurricane impact windows?

One of the most important things that exploring the South Florida real estate market must know before they purchase a home is exactly, “What are the best hurricane impact windows? The South Florida region is historically, consistently under threat from severe weather blowing in from the Atlantic. Hurricane Andrew changed the game, forcing manufacturers to maintain higher standards and using tougher, more durable materials. In order to discover what is the best hurricane rated window, let the STS team of knowledgeable and certified professional guide you through the process of selecting the windows that are perfect for your home, no matter the style or age. The answer to the question “What is the best hurricane impact windows?” are windows that will protect your home no matter what mother nature throws at it. STS windows are made to order and professionally installed to ensure your home and hearth are fully protected.

Are impact windows required in Florida?

The devastating effect Hurricane Andrew had on South Florida and how we protect our homes resulted in higher standards for building materials. Are impact windows required in Florida? The answer is yes. According to multiple media outlets, the majority of damage inflicted on homes when Hurricane Andrew made landfall on August 24, 1992 was due to the faulty construction buildings. With wind speeds clocked at 165 miles per hour, Homestead, Florida was devastated by the Category 5 hurricane, one of the most damaging in United States history and as a result, impact windows are required in Florida. According to the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, the storm caused an estimated $26.5 million, with winds so strong, debris could be carried more than a mile away, left more than 160,000 people homeless and resulted in Florida completely overhauling its approach in preparing for threatening storms, including a rule stating that impact windows are required in Florida homes and buildings.

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