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Casement windows most commonly pivot from side hinges, allowing the hurricane window to be constructed of solid glass, offering a less obstructed view overall. Home and business owners often use Casement, Fixed, and Awning windows in conjunction with each other for matching sightlines, which result in amazing views. Installing impact casement windows provide the maximum amount of light and egress. When closed and locked,they can make an effective seal improving energy efficiency. Casements should not open out into traffic lanes.

Casement Window features & variations

  • Single, double, or triple sash available
  • Operable or fixed casements available
  • Provides maximum amount of light
  • Egress or washable hinge available
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Removable full screens
  • Colonial grids available per request
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smaller casement window

What’s the difference between Low-e, tints, and gas?

The type of glass you choose for your impact windows and doors can alter the energy efficiency of the home. We are proud to offer Insulating glass, laminated glass, laminated insulating glass, and heat-strengthened glass options. These options contribute to decreasing indoor energy usage, heating, and cooling costs in comparison to standard glass.

Low-E Glass coating is applied to the internal glass to separate both heat and light energy.

Tinted windows and doors help reduce the amount of heat and light transfer, while low-E glass coatings reflect the heat to the source allowing the short wave light to pass through for natural illumination

Several features of Low-E:

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE LOW-E to deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat outside your home
  • GLASS TINTS which reduce the heat transmitted through your windows
  • ARGON GAS which helps reflect outside heat to regulate the temperatures inside your home

With all the efficient glass options, you will see and feel the difference with more consistent
temperatures throughout your home and substantial energy savings.

What are the design advantages of Awning windows?

These windows are like the doors that open and close. They are mounted on hinged side doors, and the sash opens and shuts in several versions when a crank turns on the interior of the room. If the sash is fully open, the sash is secured by a tensioning tool. When the sash is locked, the lock inside the house firmly holds against the window frame.

This is a good option if you are looking for a window with ventilation. Andersen Casement window typically used where optimum airflow, such as a kitchen or bathroom, is required. You can also find them via a blockage like a kitchen sink to make it easier to open and close. French casement windows in the sitting rooms and the sunrooms are often used because they provide unhindered views of the outside.

If you want to encourage airflow at home, a casement window can be to your advantage. The open sash on a double casement window serves as a pad to fire the house. When neighbors tightly surround your house, you can catch breezes through the orientation of the replacement windows. The sash scoops effectively and sends it home.

Yet that will work against you even if the prevailing breezes appear to shift in the opposite direction. Due to the home depot window casement, breezes are running over the top of casings and are not brought into the building. The casing is stopping the water. They are also termed as the vinyl casement window. 

Disadvantages of Casement Impact Windows

Windows in the casement have several problems. The propensity for failure with mechanical operating systems of the Pella casement windows is a longstanding concern. Several wood casement window producers have developed their method of opening and closing to overcome this problem.

Another alternative is clearly to dispense with the opening and closing scheme entirely. Many companies have a casement push open door. For this type of Marvin casement windows, the tensioning units which open the window are the only mechanical operation in addition to the hinges.

Can Casement Windows be Broken into?

Casement windows sizes are tough to break in. Breaking the glass with other windows makes opening the window entirely possible. For example, for double hung windows, the attacker needs to touch the lock on top of the bottom side when the glass cracked. The perpetrator is then able to remove the cover and penetrate the house without having to treat the shattered glass. Yet wooden casement can be opened only by turning the window crank, except for push-open windows. The shattering of glass gives exposure to the mane, but a fractured glass makes it impossible to transform the brush. Some homeowners secure their lower casement windows by pulling the crank out of the window, keeping it in its vicinity but out of reach. Pricing is very affordable.


Are our casement windows better?

Casement windows, which create a closer sealing when closed, are extremely energy efficient. In terms of energy efficiency, only fixed panel windows are second. Cooling is better, and the air quality is excellent when open.

Are casement windows more expensive?

Casement windows are often twice as expensive as often as double-hung windows. That’s why it seems to be one of the most expensive windows.

Are casement windows better than double-hung?

Casement Windows can be effective at eliminating air penetration because of a door pushing against a door frame entirely through all four sides of the window frame. The monitoring device with a double-hung window offers several points where the air will spill, which decreases energy efficiency.

Are casement windows easy to break into?

In an open location, an awning window may be closed. It ensures that if you choose to require airflow and not risk your home protection, you are an excellent window option.

Can casement windows have screens?

Yes, casement windows have screens. Screens placed inside the window, where the elements are more secure.

Are casement windows energy efficient?

While the cost of building case windows will estimate overall local prices, typical homeowners will pay $325-$480 per casement window. You may expect to pay about $560 for a new casement window by including labor & construction costs.

Do casement windows open in or out?

Casement windows are those that slide vertically or sideways across the exterior on a hinge instead of opening. Casement windows are an ideal alternative for homeowners who want an unhindered view because they have no center rail, unlike double-hung or sliding sash windows.

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