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By Published On: January 15, 2024Categories: Impact Doors
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Florida is one of the most volatile weather states in the US, with statistics proving that storms and hurricanes hit Florida more often than any other state. In fact, in recorded history, Florida has endured 125 storms, and since 1851, there have only been 18 seasons where a storm hasn’t affected Florida.

Unfortunately, this weather pattern causes extreme damage and losses, with data stating that Florida has seen over $450 billion in damages since the early 20th century. Many of these damages are incurred by homes and businesses, so property protection is very important.

In recent years, more people have turned toward installing hurricane impact windows and doors to protect their property. These specialized doors offer far more protection than standard doors, but what are the differences, and is it worth the investment?

In this blog, we’ve detailed the key differences between standard front doors and impact front doors to help you determine which is the most suitable for your home.

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Impact Front Doors Vs. Standard Front Doors – What’s The Difference?

To understand why impact front doors, otherwise known as hurricane doors, are better than standard front doors, you need to learn about the differences:

Standard Front Doors

Most homes and commercial buildings are developed with standard doors, standard front doors are often referred to as builders’ doors, and they feature two sides with an insulating filler in the middle.

Usually, these doors don’t hold up well during storms because they are made of solid aluminum, wood, or a combination of both or with cardboard in the middle. Standard doors are enough for other states to stop most weather and security threats since they undergo testing, but this testing isn’t extensive.

For example, numerous standard doors crack when faced with strong winds and heavy rains, and in some cases, entire door frames shatter, leading to extensive indoor damage. Yet, although standard doors aren’t as durable as impact front doors, they are usually cheaper, but in the long run, the lower cost could come back to haunt you.

Impact Front Doors

Impact front doors are far more durable than standard front doors because of what they are made out of. Typically, these doors are made from fiberglass skins (sides) and feature a polyurethane core. These different materials, alongside reinforced hinges and frames, make them able to easily stand against the elements – including storms and hurricanes.

In addition, impact front doors undergo rigorous testing to be labeled ‘impact-rated.’ To receive this rating, impact front doors must pass the Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone test. This test puts these doors through simulations of hurricane weather, where they must withstand strong winds, pelting rains, and flying debris.

So, when you’re looking to have an impact front door installed, be sure that it has passed the HVHZ test, as then you can rest assured it will provide more protection to your home.

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Who Should Install Impact Front Doors?

Ultimately, if you live in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, or other areas of Florida that see extreme weather, you should consider installing impact front doors.

However, even if where you live doesn’t experience volatile storms and bad weather, you can have these doors installed for home protection.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Impact Front Doors?

Now that you know the differences between standard front doors and impact front doors, it’s time to discuss the benefits of impact doors:

Effective Insulation

Few people realize that installing impact front doors can help save on energy costs. This is because impact doors are more durable and thicker and offer better insulation. These doors will keep your interior cooler or warmer for longer, meaning your AC units don’t need to work as hard as normal.

Yet how is this possible? The answer is simple. Impact doors are made with insulated glass that carries a superior insulation rating than standard front doors. In addition, impact doors feature high-performance low-E coatings. This coating ensures reduced heart transfer and lets your home stay cooler year-round – even during blisteringly hot summers.

It is also worth noting that you can save even more money on energy costs and keep your home even cooler by installing impact-rated windows instead of keeping your standard window fittings.

Reduces Burglary Risks

According to the FBI, it’s estimated that 2.5 million burglaries occur in the US yearly, and the Bureau of Justice has stated in the past that 34% of home burglars use a home’s front door when breaking into a home. Crime happens, and many burglars will be so brazen as to use your home’s front door to get to your valuable and sentimental belongings.

Fortunately, by installing impact front doors, you can reduce the risk of a burglar breaking into your home through your front door by up to 34%. This is because these durable doors are incredibly difficult to break and are made to withstand objects being thrown at them.

Save Money On Home Insurance

Many people don’t realize they could save on insurance premiums by installing impact front doors. This is because, in Florida, numerous insurance companies view these doors as reliable protection against extreme weather.

Often, insurance companies will offer discounts to homeowners who have installed impact front doors. However, not all insurance companies will offer discounted premiums so it’s best to speak with your provider before installing these doors if your sole reason is to reduce your insurance costs.

Increases Property Value

Installing impact front doors can increase the value of your home, since Florida’s weather is unpredictable, potential buyers look for homes with advanced safety and protection features like impact front doors and windows.

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Peace of mind is priceless. That’s why it’s especially important to consider impact front doors if you live in Florida and want your home to survive the extreme weather. So, if you’re ready to have an impact front door installed in your home or business, you can speak with a team member at STS Impact Windows and Doors today. We specialize in impact door and window installation and can help protect your home – Contact us online for a free quote or visit our Boca Raton, Florida showroom for a consultation.

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