Get Ready For Hurricane Season With Hurricane Impact Garage Doors

By Published On: August 31, 2023Categories: Impact Garage Doors
hurricane impact garage doors

South Florida homeowners know that hurricane season runs from June to November. While many take steps like fortifying windows and stocking up on necessities, some overlook an essential part: their garage. Making sure your garage is hurricane-ready, particularly by installing hurricane impact doors, can bring peace of mind during these turbulent times.

What’s New About Hurricanes This Year?

For those accustomed to hurricane preparations, you might wonder why the usual steps might fall short. As per the latest update from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there’s a 60% likelihood of an “above normal” season. This predicts around 6-11 hurricanes, with 2-5 being major ones. Increased damage and less prep time are potential implications.

Hurricanes are graded from Category 1 (wind speeds up to 95mph) to Category 5 (157mph or more). While Category 5 hurricanes are gravely serious, the category doesn’t always indicate the extent of damage. A slower hurricane can wreak as much havoc as a faster, higher-category storm due to its prolonged stay in an area.

Why Do My Garage Doors Matter During A Hurricane?

Often your garage door is the largest entry point to your home. While suitable for everyday weather, they’re vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes without adequate reinforcement. If compromised, it can pose a risk to your home’s foundation, roof, and interiors. It’s crucial to ensure your garage door has a hurricane impact rating.

How Do I Prepare My Garage Before A Hurricane Hits?

In the same way you board up your house, you should do the same for your garage. However, there are a few extra precautions you can take to prepare your garage before a hurricane hits – here’s a checklist:

  1. Board up all openings: Having windows in your garage may be great for lighting or aesthetic purposes but during hurricane season, they are an easy entry point. If your garage has windows, board them up for protection against high-speed winds.
  2. Tree Maintenance: Nothing beats having the shade of a tree over your garage or driveway but during hurricane season you need to trim your trees and remove the debris. Tree limbs are heavy and make for a dangerous projectile that can do damage to both your home and garage during a hurricane.
  3. Clear Debris: You may have been procrastinating about removing the debris from around the side of your home or near your garage but now is the time to do it.
  4. Use Sandbags: Sandbags can prevent floodwaters from entering your garage, especially if there are gaps or cracks. Sandbags can help keep excess stormwater out.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Always ensure your home, including the garage undergoes regular checks. One way you can maintain your garage is by upgrading your doors to hurricane impact garage doors.

7 Benefits To Installing A Hurricane Impact Garage Door

Living in South Florida means you are familiar with the phrase “preparation is key” and one of the most important steps homeowners can take to protect their home from the destructive forces of a hurricane is installing a hurricane impact garage door, here’s a list of 7 reasons why:

  1. Protection – During a hurricane, debris becomes one of the primary threats and a standard garage door can easily be breached by flying debris. Hurricane impact garage doors are designed to withstand these forces, safeguarding your home and contents.
  2. Structural Integrity – The garage is typically the most vulnerable part of a home because of its wide opening. Once the wind breaches a garage door, it can pressurize the home from the inside, potentially lifting the roof and causing catastrophic damage. A hurricane impact door helps maintain the structural integrity of the entire house.
  3. Insurance Benefits – Many insurance companies recognize the value of installing hurricane resistant features and homeowners can often benefit from reduced insurance premiums or discounts when they upgrade to hurricane impact garage doors.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Beyond storm protection, these doors also provide better insulation that can lead to savings on energy bills.
  5. Increase Home Value – Homes with hurricane protective measures, like impact garage doors, often have a higher market value.
  6. Peace of Mind – Knowing that your home is protected against hurricanes gives you a sense of security and means one less thing you have to worry about when storm warnings are issued.
  7. Reduced Repair Costs – If the wind and rain breach your home, you’ll likely face water damage, potential mold growth, and the loss of personal items stored in the garage. Investing in a hurricane impact garage door can significantly reduce the risk of these additional costs.​​​​​​

Hurricane Impact Garage Doors Available from STS Impact Windows & Doors

​​​Installing hurricane impact garage doors is the ultimate preparation. It’s a must for every South Florida homeowner. They’re designed to be windproof and resistant to storms, reinforced with protective materials like steel or aluminum, and other safety features.

At STS Windows and Doors, we understand the importance of getting your home or business ready for hurricane season. We offer a variety of impact resistant products, from windows to garage doors. To ensure your home’s safety this hurricane season, contact us at 561-600-1018 for a free hurricane impact garage door quote!

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