Hurricane Garage Doors for Broward and Beach County Residents

The constant threat of severe weather looms large in the minds of property owners in Broward and Palm Beach County. It’s time to take extra precautions to protect your home. At STS Windows and Doors, we understand how important it is to keep your family safe from the danger of powerful storms.

We offer hurricane-rated garage doors that meet Florida’s strict code requirements. Learn more about our products to see how you can make your home as secure as possible.

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Traditional vs. Hurricane-Rated Garage Doors

The difference between a traditional garage door and our hurricane-rated doors is significant. Traditional garage doors are not windproof or storm resistant, making them vulnerable to the extreme weather conditions of hurricane season.

Hurricane-rated garage doors have been tested and certified to meet Florida’s code requirements for wind protection and include:

  • Additional protective layers made from steel or aluminum to strengthen the overall product

  • Heavy-gauge tracks to keep the door in place in the event of strong winds or debris impact

  • Steel rods on the interior side of the door for additional reinforcement and security

  • Waterproofing and weatherstripping to ensure the highest level of protection

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Strength & Beauty Combined: Experience the Look Impact Garage Doors

Protecting your home shouldn’t mean sacrificing attractive curb appeal. Our garage door brands are designed to provide both functional strength and aesthetic beauty. Choose from a range of colors, styles, sizes, and finishes that will enhance the look of your home while providing superior wind protection.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Impact Garage Doors

At STS Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves in offering hurricane-rated garage doors that can protect your home while offering additional benefits. Some of the extra features you can enjoy include:

  • Enhanced insulation value to reduce energy costs

  • Noise reduction technology for improved peace and quiet

  • Insurance reductions for installing hurricane-sturdy products

  • Stronger home security for deterring intruders

Hurricane Garage Doors Depend on Proper Installation

An important home upgrade requires an experienced installation professional. A quality hurricane garage door installer will understand Florida building codes and provide reliable service to ensure your new products are installed to the highest standards according to city and state building codes. As a local, qualified impact garage door installer, STS Impact Windows and Doors is passionate about providing our customers with the best possible experience.

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