Are Hurricane Impact Garage Doors Worth It?

By Published On: December 14, 2023Categories: Impact Garage Doors
impact garage doors

Florida is known for many things: beautiful beaches, thriving culture, Disney World…and hurricanes. The season for these harsh storms lasts approximately from June to November. Seasoned citizens know to prepare their homes in advance against harsh winds, rain, and falling debris. However, many people tend to overlook one important part of the house: the garage. The place where you store your vehicle(s) should get the utmost protection as well.

How can you make sure your garage is hurricane-ready? By installing impact garage doors. The experts at STS Impact Windows & Doors explain what these are and why they’re a worthwhile investment.

impact garage doors

How Impact Garage Doors Can Protect Your Home

The garage door is the biggest point of entry in the home. During times of ordinary weather, normal doors are sufficient for protecting against the elements. However, tropical storms are a different beast. With winds that can range from 95 to over 150 miles per hour, ordinary garage doors will be insufficient. If garage doors are damaged, that puts the home’s foundation, roof, and interior at risk.

Impact doors are different from other types of garage doors in that they are thicker and heavier, thus better able to withstand heavy wind and rain. Reinforced with strong materials like aluminum and steel, these doors have built-in safety features in the event that debris from the neighborhood, such as trees, fall near your home.

Experts from STS Impact Windows & Doors can conduct what’s called a “hurricane impact rating” at various points of entry to your home to determine how safe your current barriers are. An investment in better doors today, before hurricane danger comes, means fewer bills and repairs down the line.

Benefits Of Impact Garage Doors During Hurricane Season

Knowing your garage is protected with impact doors leaves you free to focus on other preparations for storm season, such as canned food, fresh water, a generator, etc. Here are some of the ways that impact garage doors will protect your home as you focus on protecting yourself and family:

A Fortress Against Debris

Impact doors are made with the likely assumption that they will get pelted by flying objects: particularly heavy, dangerous ones, such as tree limbs. Sturdy materials help safeguard your home against these dangers.

Improved Structural Integrity

The garage is considered vulnerable on any home because of its size. Such a wide opening is necessary to store a vehicle or two, but that also makes it easier for the area to be breached by wind, pressurizing the home from the inside. If this happens, the entire structure becomes compromised, which can lead to the wind lifting off the roof. As you can probably imagine, the damage this would cause is catastrophic.

Fortunately, impact garage doors improve the structural integrity of your home, reinforcing it against the danger of hurricane-strength winds.

Greater Insurance Benefits

At some point or another, many of us will have to deal with insurance companies if part of the home gets damaged. Insurance companies understand the value that storm doors provide and therefore are more inclined to offer benefits like insurance premiums or discounts when you have these installed (you may want to check with your insurance provider to be certain).

Improved Energy Efficiency

Floridians invest a good deal of money in air conditioning. Impact doors actually do more than protect your home during storms: they also provide insulation that keeps out heat, resulting in lowered energy bills.

Increased Value For Your Home

Many people would love to live in Florida. A home with special protective features, like impact doors and windows, is going to stand out more on the market than a home without.

Priceless Peace Of Mind

There are many things to worry about during an intense storm, but damage to your home through the garage will not be one of them with impact storm doors.

Avoid Or Reduce Repair Costs

Your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover damages sustained during a hurricane, but who wants to deal with that? Water damage can lead to mold growth, which can damage your belongings and your health. Best to avoid the risk altogether with strong impact doors that greatly reduce the risk of water damage.

impact garage doors

Additional Ways To Prepare Your Garage For Hurricane Season

Having impact storm doors installed is your best defense against hurricane damage. However, if you want to be extra thorough, here are additional steps you can take to protect the garage area:

Board Up All Cracks And Openings

Many garages have windows. This is great for aesthetic purposes and allows for natural light, but it’s a point of vulnerability during hurricanes. Be sure to board up any garage windows for additional protection against strong wind or flying debris.

Maintain Your Trees

Avoid having your home damaged by debris from your own yard by trimming all trees, shrubs, and bushes on your property. The less there is to break away, the greater the chance you can protect your home from storm damage. Much of the damage sustained to Florida homes during hurricanes comes from flying tree branches.

Clear Away Your Yard

After trimming and maintaining trees, you’ll want to clear away any objects outside of your home. From kids’ bicycles and toys to yard tools, make sure all objects are safely stowed away in the garage, shed, or elsewhere in your home.

Use Sandbags

A tried-and-true Floridian trick, sandbags can help prevent flood water from entering the home: starting with the garage. After boarding up any cracks or gaps, place sandbags nearby for an additional layer of protection against flooding.

hurricane impact garage doors

Impact Garage Doors For Your South Florida Home

Preparing for hurricane season can be anxiety-inducing. With impact garage doors on your home, that’s one less thing to be concerned about. STS Windows & Doors understands the need for Floridians to stormproof their homes as much as possible, which is why we offer a wide variety of storm-resistant products.

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