What Are The Different Types Of Impact Hurricane Windows?

By Published On: November 16, 2023Categories: Impact Windows
impact hurricane windows

Hurricane windows, also known as impact hurricane windows, are a crucial asset for homes in areas prone to severe storms. These specially designed windows can withstand high winds and flying debris, protecting your home’s interior and potentially saving you thousands in damages.

There are several different types of impact hurricane windows available, each with its unique features and benefits. Let’s explore the various types to help you determine which might be the best fit for your home’s needs.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are specially designed to withstand severe weather conditions and high wind speeds. These windows feature reinforced construction with multiple layers of strong materials, including tempered glass and laminated glass, to resist impact from wind-borne debris. The use of laminated glass is a key component in the design, as it provides an added layer of protection if the outer layer of the window is shattered. The interlayer holds the glass together, preventing it from breaking into dangerous shards.

Impact windows not only protect against high winds and debris, but offer several additional benefits such as energy efficiency, noise reduction, and UV protection. These windows are an excellent investment in hurricane-prone regions. They provide both safety and property protection during storms, potentially reducing insurance costs.


Types Of Hurricane Impact Windows

There are several types of impact windows available, each with unique features and benefits. These include:

Single-Hung Impact Windows

Single-hung impact windows are designed with a vertically sliding sash system. This means that the bottom sash can be moved upward to allow for ventilation, while the top sash remains fixed. These windows are known for their resilience in the face of severe weather conditions, thanks to reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass. They are particularly suitable for regions prone to hurricanes and storms, providing protection against high winds and flying debris.

Double-Hung Impact Windows

Double-hung windows share similarities with single-hung windows but have the added convenience of both sashes being operable. This design allows for greater control over ventilation and airflow. These impact-resistant windows are constructed with sturdy materials to withstand extreme weather events and potential impact from debris.

Double-hung impact windows also offer homeowners the flexibility to adjust the upper and lower sashes independently, making them a versatile and functional choice for homes in high-velocity hurricane zone areas.

Casement Impact Windows

Casement impact windows combine elegance and strength, offering homeowners both a stylish design and robust hurricane protection. These windows feature hinged sashes that swing outward like doors, delivering excellent ventilation and unobstructed views.

Casement windows are not only aesthetically pleasing but engineered with reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass. This ensures that they can withstand the forces of a hurricane or severe storm.

When selecting this type of window, it’s crucial to consider factors such as impact resistance, frame material, aesthetic compatibility with your home, and ventilation requirements. With the right choice, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a beautiful addition to your home’s design and dependable storm defense.

Fixed And Picture-Impact Windows

Fixed and picture windows are architectural gems that provide stunning panoramic views while offering unparalleled hurricane protection. Fixed windows are permanently sealed, allowing no ventilation or movement, while picture windows are large, showcasing captivating outdoor scenes.

When considering fixed and picture-impact windows, homeowners should focus on their aesthetic appeal and the visual impact they bring to interior spaces. Additionally, these windows can maximize natural light, making them ideal for brightening up rooms where ventilation is less critical. This emphasizes their role in enhancing both aesthetics and safety.

Horizontal Roller Impact Windows

Horizontal roller impact windows feature sashes that slide horizontally, often with one or both sashes being operable. This sliding design makes them easy to open and close, providing adequate ventilation and access to the outdoors.

These windows are constructed with reinforced frames and hurricane-impact glass to endure harsh weather conditions and potential impacts. Horizontal roller impact windows are a practical choice for those who desire a combination of convenience, security, and protection against severe weather.

Impact Awning Windows

Impact awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, resembling an awning when fully opened.

This unique design allows for excellent ventilation even during rain, since the sash acts as a protective cover. These windows are constructed with impact-resistant materials to ensure they can withstand extreme weather events and potential impacts.

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Key Considerations For Selecting Impact Hurricane Windows

The following are essential factors to consider when choosing impact hurricane windows:

Location And Climate

Living in an area susceptible to hurricanes means you must prioritize the strength and durability of your windows and doors. Hurricane windows often feature reinforced frames and storm windows with laminated or double-pane glass, which is far more robust than standard glass.

Consider the specific weather conditions in your region, such as frequent storms or high winds, when choosing the level of impact resistance you need.

Budget Considerations

While safety is paramount, your budget is also a crucial factor when selecting impact hurricane windows. Fortunately, there are options available to suit a range of budgets. Storm windows, for example, provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on safety. These windows offer significant protection without the cost associated with more advanced models.

Assess your financial situation and explore various options to find the right balance between cost and protection.

Aesthetics And Architectural Style

Impact hurricane windows are available in various styles and designs, allowing you to match them seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics and architectural style. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, you can find windows and doors that complement your property’s look. This ensures that your investment not only enhances safety during hurricane season but adds to the overall curb appeal of your home.

Energy Efficiency And Insulation Needs

Beyond storm protection, consider your energy efficiency and insulation requirements. Some impact hurricane windows come with added features, such as low-E coatings or double-pane glass, which improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. This can lead to lower energy bills throughout the year, making your investment even more worthwhile.

Evaluate your insulation needs and explore options that align with your preferences for comfort and savings.

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Impact Hurricane Windows In South Florida

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