Improving Energy Efficiency with Effective Insulation Using Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

By Published On: April 3, 2020Categories: Home Tips
hurricane impact resistant window and energy efficeiency window

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for good reason. Cities all over Florida report having more than 200 days of sun every year! In addition, many of these areas experience bright sunlight as much as 67% of the day. Given Florida’s close proximity to the equator, the abundant sunshine is inevitable, and so are increasing temperatures.

Floridians are more familiar with the “heat index”, or what it “feels like” outside than they are with actual temperature readings. Florida’s humid climate can make it harder for the body to perspire, thereby limiting its ability to cool down. All of these factors are important considerations when trying to limit exposure to the outside elements and to boost the energy efficiency of your home or property.

Luckily, the installation of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors will not only protect your residence and/or business from impending Florida storms but will also add a layer of protection from the harsh Florida sun, in turn boosting energy efficiency and lowering your electric bill!

What is Energy Efficiency?

First, let’s take a look at the history of monitoring energy efficiency to better understand why it is important to consider once you purchase a property in South Florida. What does energy efficiency refer to? In the simplest terms, it refers to an effort geared towards limiting, and possibly even eliminating, energy waste. The overuse of energy can contribute greatly to the cost of your electric bill.

Typically, a homeowner’s electric bill is the second-largest bill after the mortgage payment. In Florida, households will spend around $2,000 yearly on the cost of home energy. It is only natural for residents to look into ways to improve their energy efficiency and simultaneously lower their electric bill! 

How to Lower Energy Emissions with Effective Insulation

FPL provides a handy list of tips you can access that can help you navigate the Florida heat index, keeping your house cool and your wallet full. 

Of FPL’s recommendations, home insulation is mentioned a couple of times. One way to insulate your home is through the installation of laminated hurricane impact resistant glass. Another way is through the proper selection of window and door frames.

Laminated glass is the same type of glass that is used for car windshields, but the type used for hurricane impact resistant windows utilizes an even thicker layer of glass. Laminated glass is made of two outer layers of glass bonded together around a protective interlayer. The interlayer is a film used to make the entire window unit stronger. Laminated windows can reduce UV rays by 99%!

Another type of glass that can be selected for hurricane impact resistant windows are insulated laminated glass. This selection takes the laminated glass unit, adds another single pane of glass, and creates an airtight seal. This seal functions as an insulator against temperature fluctuations. The option of adding an LoE coating to insulated laminated glass will give you the best energy performance rating possible. 

Hurricane impact resistant windows and doors also insulate your home through their specifically designed frames. There are typically 3 options to choose from when selecting a frame for your impact windows and doors: vinyl, aluminium, and wood. Of these options, vinyl and wood are the best insulators.

Vinyl frames are the optimal choice because these frames are hollow and can, therefore, be filled with insulation. Wood frames are an excellent insulator as well but do not offer the same level of durability, as exposure to the elements can cause rapid degradation. Aluminium frames are the least favourable option for energy savings. Aluminium is an element that conducts, not repels, heat, so, if you’re looking to maximize your property’s insulation and lower your energy emissions, vinyl frames are the best choice for your hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. 

Added Benefits of Improving Home Insulation Using Hurricane Impact resistant windows

You won’t have to worry about keeping your home cool during Florida’s hottest summer months once your home is properly insulated. In South Florida in particular, the overuse of a property’s air conditioning unit is the main contributing factor to a costly electric bill.

This overuse is due to a couple of factors: heat gain and loss and sunlight transmittance. Thankfully, once you install hurricane impact resistant windows and doors, air leaks or sunlight transmittance won’t be an issue. With proper installation and the correct glazing choice, your home will remain cool without overworking your air conditioner. Properly insulating your home or property in this way will add longevity to its overall value. 

STS Impact Windows & Doors is Here to Help

STS Impact Windows & Doors is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding effective home insulation and its ability to lower your electrical costs; call us today! We can ensure you’ll stay safe and cool behind the protection of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors.

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