Hurricane Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

By Published On: April 9, 2020Categories: Home Tips
hurricane shutters vs hurricane resistant windows

Hurricane season is rapidly approaching, and this year Florida is predicted to see at least a few major storms barreling toward its coast! It’s best to think ahead and plan early for hurricane season, making now the perfect time to get a head start! In protecting your windows and doors, there are a few options: boarding up with plywood, using hurricane shutters, or installing hurricane impact windows and doors. We’ve taken the time to look into some of the pros and cons regarding each option to help you make the best decision possible in regard to securing your property! 

Why Plywood Shutters?

Some of the benefits of using plywood are that it is affordable and easily accessible. There are quite a few downfalls to this type of window shuttering technique, however. The headache of running to Home Depot or Lowes in the chaos before the storm is enough to give anyone anxiety. Fighting the large crowds, looking for the supplies you need to secure your home, and hoping they are not sold out. Then the daunting task of getting the plywood home, especially if you do not have a large vehicle or truck to transport the materials securely and safely.

Boarding up your home or business with plywood shutters is labour-intensive. Unless you have easy access to the proper tools, like a circular saw and a hammer drill, you will need to rent or buy them. It is highly recommended that you cut plywood precisely to fit snugly inside window frames, making it less likely for the wind to get underneath and tear the plywood away. If you must install plywood shutters over the windows and doors, the wood must be at least ½ inch thick and fastened with extremely durable screws. 

Hurricane Shutters

If you choose to use hurricane shutters instead of hurricane impact windows, there are a few different models. The most common are accordion shutters, rolling shutters, and storm panel shutters. The biggest difference between these types is that accordion shutters and rolling shutters remain bolted to the outside of your property all year long, and storm panel shutters do not. While accordion and rolling shutters easily deploy in the event of a storm, they add a bulky appearance to the exterior of your house year-round. Storm panel shutters have to be put up each year, which can be timely and exhausting, but they are usually light-weight and easy to store. Hurricane shutters also do not offer energy efficiency and security benefits. 

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Installing hurricane impact windows and doors is an efficient solution over boarding up or shuttering your home each year. While the upfront cost can be more than that of shutters, they are well worth the investment. There are a variety of options to choose from when deciding on impact windows and impact doors, but each option will add curb appeal and value to your property, increase energy efficiency, as well as add a level of security. Hurricane impact resistant windows and doors require little to no maintenance once installed, so there’s less to worry about in getting ready for hurricane season every year. They can also withstand the winds of a category 5 storm!

If you’re looking to ease your mind and your back this hurricane season, call or email STS Impact Windows & Doors today with any questions you may have regarding the benefits of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors!

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