Keep Your Family Safe from Harm with Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

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impact resistant windows and doors

Florida offers so much opportunity and enjoyment for all the people who live and work here. People come from all over the world to enjoy the fine-dining, white-sand beaches, and splendid ocean breeze while building their lives and businesses. Residents and snowbirds alike can choose to live in a luxurious water-front home or a contemporary condo–there are many different options available to suit any budget.

In South Florida, the world of entrepreneurship is equally accessible to anyone willing to put in the hard work, and small businesses are popping up all over the place. In turn, the property market is always booming, and the use of impact resistant windows and doors is a must.

Crime in South Florida

Once someone purchases a property, however, the unfortunate possibility of burglary will always exist. Seasonal Floridians have an added level of fear because they need to worry about protecting their home and/or business during the off-season–a time many residents choose to reside elsewhere.

In Florida, property owners have a 1 in 44 chance of being the victim of a crime. In Fort Lauderdale, that risk doubles. Last year, a string of home invasions was committed in Fort Lauderdale. Serial burglars broke into numerous homes by shattering windows. Victims felt powerless and angry after the attacks, wishing there was a way they could have better protected their homes. They acknowledged the windows used as break-in points were “easy targets”.

The intentions of the break-ins were not clear, and the culprits were never apprehended. In West Palm Beach, property crime is 73% higher than the country’s average; and currently, property crime is increasing in Palm Beach county due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers say that burglaries are on the rise due to the sad fact that people are trying to take advantage of one another in already difficult times. An important question you might ask yourself is: “How can I protect my family and my investments from harm?”.

Impact Resistant Windows and Doors: Standards to Protect You

STS Impact Windows & Doors is here to help. We can help you protect your property from an unwanted invasion of any kind! All of the impact resistant windows we use have been through extreme testing to ensure they are shatterproof, in the event of an attempted punch out or debris impacting during a hurricane.

There are different types of finishes on impact resistant windows, the most popular are laminated and laminated insulated glass. Each type of finish offers an added layer of protection to your impact windows, and every type will stop the glass from breaking away from the frame. Even if the glass in the window breaks, the window will not shatter–keeping intruders out, and your family and property safe. No matter how someone may try to infiltrate the security of your home or business, impact resistant windows and doors will stand up to the challenge. 

As previously stated, all of our impact resistant windows and doors go through rigorous testing; these requirements have been put in place by Miami-Dade county to comply with the Large Missile standard. 

The Large Missile Standard is as follows:

  • Large Missile Test: 2×4 missile weighing 9 pounds shot from a canon at 50 feet per second; two impacts
  • Small Missile Test: Ten 2-gram steel balls cannon test at 89 mph; three impacts

Various points on these windows are impacted during testing to ensure their durability and resistance. In complying with the Large Missile Standard, we can assure you our impact resistant windows will withstand any type of blow. 

Are Impact Resistant Windows Durable?

In addition, impact windows are tested under certain degrees of pressure, so you can be certain they will stand up to any harmful outdoor conditions. This testing protocol is known as the Cyclical Test. The Cyclical Test consists of 4,500 positive cycles in a pressure chamber and 4,500 negative cycles in a pressure chamber. Depending upon the strength of the product, some products go through even higher-pressure cycle tests. All findings are documented in pounds per square foot (PSF). No matter the changing conditions outside, your home will be protected from the elements.

Once impact windows go through all of the necessary testing, they are not certified until they receive the Notice of Approval (NOA) from Miami-Dade County. You can access NOAs for any product you wish to verify via Miami-Dade’s public search tool. At STS Impact Windows & Doors, we can guarantee our windows have been tested under the highest standards to keep you, your family and your investments safe. 

Impact Windows and Doors should be coupled with a security plan consisting of a good alarm and camera system. 

Let STS Help Keep Your Family and Investments Safe

Keeping your family safe is one of our top priorities at STS Impact Windows & Doors. Keeping your investments safe is another. With the state of the world currently, we all have enough to focus on trying to stay safe and healthy. No one should have the added stress and worry of trying to secure the safety of their home or business. Let STS help.

Don’t let yourself, or anyone you know, become the next victim of a property crime. We will do all we can to make sure your loved ones stay safe in the event of an attempted break-in with our impact-resistant windows and doors. We will help you safeguard your business, so no matter where you are, your investment will stay protected. Call or email us today for a free, no-obligation consultation! 

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