Hurricane Impact Glass Options

By Published On: April 8, 2020Categories: Home Tips
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So, you’ve decided to install hurricane impact resistant windows! Excellent. Now, you’re wondering what option of glass the right choice for your property is, and we’re here to help. Below you’ll find the different impact resistant glass options STS is proud to offer, along with information about each impact glass option to help you decide which is right for you. 

What is the difference between Laminated Glass and Insulated Laminated Glass?

The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you’re going to use laminated or insulated laminated glass in your impact windows.

Laminated glass is the primary barrier used in impact windows; it is the same glass used in car windshields. Hurricane glass is held in place by an interlayer between it’s two or more layers of glass.  Laminated glass eliminates harmful UV rays by 99%, reduces cooling and heating bills, provides enhanced security for your home, and reduces noise transmission.

Insulated Laminated Glass

Insulated laminated glass will offer better energy performance because it adds an extra layer of glass with the laminated glass to form a single assembly that has an air- or gas-filled (such as argon) cavity between the two glass panes. This glass is typically more expensive but enhances the home’s energy performance.  

Is Insulated Laminated Glass Energy-Efficient?

Insulated laminated glass paired with Vinyl frames is the most energy-efficient combination. Vinyl frames are designed to reduce heat transfer. With less heat and light penetration through the windows, the home’s internal temperature is regulated more efficiently, which allows the HVAC system to work less, providing immediate and significant cost savings.

Although very strong, light and almost maintenance-free, metal or aluminium window frames conduct heat, causing the HVAC system to work harder to cool the room. To reduce heat flow and the U-factor, metal frames should have a thermal break — an insulating plastic strip placed between the inside and outside of the frame and sash.

Laminated and Insulated laminated glass both offer the benefits of added security and enhanced noise reduction. All Laminated and Insulated laminated glass offered by STS is Miami Dade County NOA Hurricane Impact certified.

Top 3 Window Coatings For Impact Glass

The next choice you’ll need to make will be in regard to the type of window coating or tint you’ll choose. We’ve detailed the most popular options below: Low-E Coatings, Tinted Glass, and Argon Gas. 

What is Low-E Coating?

Low-E glass coating is a popular choice, especially in South Florida, because of its energy-saving properties. Low-e glass coating is applied to the internal glass to separate heat and light energy. This helps to deflect against solar heat gain and keeps unwanted heat outside of your home or business. This option will also allow for enhanced thermal performance without the need of adding an additional pane of glass. 

What is Tinted Glass?

Tinted glass is another option for your impact resistant windows. Tinted glass usually comes in options of grey, bronze, green, or blue. The grey and bronze options work to repel both heat and light in equal amounts from entering a building. Green and blue tint will allow for more visible light to pass through but will reduce the amount of heat transfer through the impact windows. 

Are Windows With Argon Gas Really Better?

Adding argon gas to a window will slow the transfer of heat through a window. Argon gas is a better choice than solely filling the space with air because it will also eliminate moisture inside of the window, minimizing any possibility of condensation. Argon gas has a very low leakage rate of only around 1% per year. 

If you have any additional questions regarding impact glass options, STS Impact Windows & Doors is here to help! Call or email us today! 

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