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Shielding Your South Florida Home From Elements With Impact Glass Windows & Doors

The State of Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous coasts…and hurricanes. Every year, these vicious storms cause billions of dollars of damage to homes that aren’t adequately prepared for the impact. One effective way to [...]

May 23, 2024|Impact Windows|

Understanding The Key Differences Of Hurricane Garage Doors vs. Standard Garage Doors

In sunny South Florida where unpredictable weather patterns are common and hurricanes are almost always guaranteed from June to November, safeguarding your home is a first and foremost concern. With many options for hurricane preparedness [...]

May 9, 2024|Impact Garage Doors|

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Impact Window & Door Installation Company

Living in South Florida has many benefits: year-round warmth and sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and spectacular coasts. But one drawback is the frequency of harsh storms and hurricanes. That means homeowners should take every precaution to [...]

April 25, 2024|Impact Windows|

Advantages Of Installing PlastPro Impact Doors In South Florida Homes

Getting the right doors installed in your home is a huge decision to make. Living in South Florida means that you can’t just choose a door that looks nice, as you’ll have to take hurricane [...]

April 19, 2024|Impact Doors|
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