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Do you love the look of natural lighting in your living space, but need protection from storms and hurricanes? Now you can say goodbye to hurricane shutters with CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors. With CGI’s range of hurricane safety doors and windows, you can create a seamless flow between outdoors and indoors without compromising on the safety of your family.

What Gives CGI The Edge When It Comes To Hurricane Protection?

CGI products are technically advanced to withstand the harshest weather conditions. CGI offers two ranges that make exceptional hurricane protection highly accessible, Sentinel and Sparta.


Sentinel – Safety And Style

As CGI’s flagship range, Sentinel offers the ultimate collection of elegantly designed impact resistant doors and windows that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. Sentinel meets the strictest standards and is tested, certified, approved, and rated by industry associations including:

  • Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA)
  • Florida Product Approval
  • National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC)
  • Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC)

Passes Rigorous Testing

When you install Sentinel windows or doors, you have complete peace of mind knowing that they’ve passed the Large Missile Impact Test. The test involves two impacts from a 2×4, 9-pound missile fired from a cannon at 50 feet per second. Not just the glass is tested, but the frame, anchorage, and any other materials used for installation. Each window and door is set up just as they would be in installations.

Three separate specimens are tested. Each test piece has to meet strict breakage criteria to be considered a pass. Investing in products that have been through testing as rigorous as this will give you peace of mind, knowing your family is surrounded by a product that will protect them through any weather.

Suitable For New Projects Or Remodels

Whether you’re building from scratch or upgrading an existing building, Sentinel windows and doors are an ideal choice as they can adapt to both. Depending on the design, flange, fin, or equal leg installations are available.


Multiple Design Options

The only thing tougher than CGI’s Sentinel range is having to choose between all the design options and configurations available to you:

  • Frame finishes: powder-coated white, bronze, or clear anodized finish
  • Glass options: laminated or laminated insulating glass
  • Glass tints: gray, dark gray, bronze, solexia green, white interlayer, mist, rain, or azuria
  • Muntin types: low profile or semi-contoured
  • Low-E

Sparta – Strength, Style, And Value

CGI’s Sparta range offers homeowners hurricane-resistant strength and stylish design options at an affordable price. Designed to make impact resistant doors and windows widely available, the Sparta range is a competitive alternative to Sentinel.

Design Options

Sparta allows you the freedom to dream up the stylish home you’ve always wanted and see it come into being around you. Choose between:

  • Frame finishes: powder coated white or bronze frames
  • Glass options: monolithic laminated glass with PVB interlayer, either annealed or heat strengthened
  • Glass tints: clear, gray, bronze, white interlayer, mist
  • Muntin types: low profile exterior and flat bar interior, standard patterns
  • Low-E

Florida HVHZ Product Approval

CGI’s Sparta impact doors and windows meet the Florida ‘High Velocity Hurricane Zone’ (HVHZ) building code. HVHZ zones are those that have been worst hit by hurricanes in the past due to their location. Building products used in HVHZ zones have to be tested to ensure they withstand severe weather conditions.

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Choosing CGI Impact Resistant Window

There are many factors to consider when choosing your window shape and type. Look for a style that suits both your personal taste and the architectural style of your home. Consider how much ventilation you need and how much ventilation control you’d like to have. Window size can be determined by the amount of natural light needed in each area.

CGI windows are available as:

  • Single hung
  • Horizontal rolling windows
  • Fixed / picture windows
  • Designer fixed / picture windows
  • Casement windows
  • Project-out / awning windows

cgi impact doors

Choosing CGI Impact Resistant Door Styles

When it comes to choosing the right style of door for your home or business, consider factors such as esthetics, internal floor space for opening, and natural light requirements. With CGI, you can opt for:

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors let in an abundance of natural light as they open large areas of a wall to the outdoors. They don’t use up any internal space for opening, leaving more floor space open inside. Sliding doors give you the option of variable airflow as you can open them as little or as much as you want.

French Doors

French doors lend an old-world elegance to a room or building. French doors are surprisingly versatile and can fit in with a modern, industrial, rustic, or traditional setting. CGI French doors lend a timeless class to a space without compromising on storm safety.

Cabana Doors

Cabana doors are ideal for extra ventilation. The window can be located in the top or bottom section of the door according to your preference. This versatile door can be retrofitted or used in new installations.

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Benefits Of Using CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Both the Sentinel and Sparta range of doors and windows offer benefits to homeowners, that include:

Improves Security

Hurricane-proof windows and doors prevent storms from causing damage. The robust construction also prevents potential criminals from breaking through the glass to get inside. With CGI, your building will no longer be an easy target for criminals looking for their next easy break-in.

Enhances Sound Proofing

Whether you live in a noisy neighborhood, or you don’t like the sound of storms, CGI impact doors and windows keep the clamor outside. While regular glass transmits sound waves, allowing the noise to penetrate, impact class absorbs it without allowing it through. Your home is not only safer but more peaceful.

Reduces UV Rays

Regular exposure to the UV rays in sunlight causes belongings to fade. Furniture, books, artwork, or flooring, all of them will lose color over time. Laminated impact glass reduces the percentage of UV rays that pass through, protecting your belongings.

Increase Home Resale Value

Upgrading existing windows and doors to one of the CGI impact ranges can raise the value of your property. Hurricane windows and doors may also lower your property insurance rates.

High-Performance Energy Coatings

Glass absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the rooms inside. Using blinds or curtains to keep the sun out isn’t always a preferred option as it reduces the amount of natural light. Sentinel windows and doors are fitted with high-performance glass that reduces heat transfer to keep your home more comfortable. Greater control over the temperature inside the home also leads to lower energy bills.

Find CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors In Boca Raton

If you’re looking for the toughest hurricane resistant doors and windows, but don’t want to compromise on the esthetics of your home or business, CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors is the answer.

At STS Impact Windows & Doors, we are proud to only supply and install impact windows and doors from the products that we trust and CGI product range is high on that list.

With CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors, your home or business will not only look good but will be safe through the storms. Contact us today for a free quote. or give us a call to talk to a team member at 561-763-1675.

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