double hung windows

Single hung windows double hung impact windows are the most common window types used in the market today. The significant difference between a Single Hung window and Double Hung window is the sash design (a movable panel that forms a frame to hold panes of glass). A Single Hung window has a movable lower sash and a fixed upper sash, while Double Hung window has two movable sashes; the upper sash slides down.

The main reason people choose to install double hung windows is for better ventilation.
Both sashes open halfway, allowing for air to flow naturally through both openings.
Double-hung windows are easy to clean inside and outside without the need ever to have access from the exterior.

  • Both the top and bottom sash are operable
  • Tilt-in for easy cleaning
  • Removable full screen or half screen available per request
  • Can be equal sash configuration or the bottom sash is smaller (oriel style)
  • Colonial grids available

Are Impact Windows Energy Efficient?

double-hung windows

Utility bills add up fast, especially during the summer in Florida. Impact windows can reduce the solar heat gain in the summer and help retain heat in your home in the winter. Impact windows can save you significantly on your home’s electric bill just by adding the Low-E option on impact windows and doors.

Why are Double Hung Windows Popular?

  • More to comfortable to clean or sweep
    The double-hung window is today’s most popular window style. And the explanation is straightforward: double-hung is more comfortable to sweep.
    These windows can be swept out of the house from the inside with tilt-in (also called a tilt-out) style. It is difficult or impossible to clean the outside of the lower hung from indoors with hanging windows and older double-hung windows without a tilt-out feature. If the windows are ground-level, you have to get to them quickly from the outside. To resolve the issue of single hung vs double hung windows, single hung windows may also have a tilt-in or adjustable lower sash, but a dangerous job is yet to perform outside of the window.
  • Optimal Ventilation
    Another ventilation advantage is that the upper sash can be opened on window sizes. The lower shaft can be opened periodically so air can not be forced from below. Even a recirculating effect can produce by opening all sashes roughly halfway or less. This allows hot air to escape from the top sash and colder air from the bottom sash in principle. However, this natural convection does not have a cooling impact on a room.
  • Extra Space Versatility
    The second flexible sash in a double hung vinyl replacement windows  offers extra space versatility. The incline architecture allows the outside of the windows to wash from inside the building. Generally, the bottom sash swings only vertically, covering the top sash when working single hung windows. The washing of the glass on single hung windows can be delicate. In certain situations, when washing from inside the upper tube, this problem can become unstable.

Double windows are a smart alternative for rooms that need extra ventilation with the option of opening one or both doors. For example, reduced airflow will lead to moisture and moisture issues by dry, humid air in the bathroom. Uncontrolled, the lack of fresh air will progress, including mildew production, to increased odor problems. Both sashes may extend utilizing window replacement parts, which cools steamy and damp areas.

The difference between single hung and double hung windows in terms of window cleaning, these windows parts often gives a significant advantage over single hung windows. Since it’s immovable, a visit from a glass repairman would mean replacing an upper sash at a single hanging window. Nevertheless, as there are several double-hung windows with a flexible top sash, households will replace a sash without a glass repair service order.

Benefits of Double Hung Impact Windows

Double hung home windows are an outstanding choice for those reasons:

  • The windows can be washed and repaired quickly on the outside.
  • For ventilation difficulties, Pella double-hung windows in the room are safer. Both ventilation sashes may open to cool upstairs, humid, and damp. The top shaft should be removed or crunched in your bathroom to protect your modesty, and during your bath or shower, you can further minimize moisture.
  • Other architecture trends have in their projects used double hanging windows. You may want windows that match your house’s look when you have a Colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman or Victorian home.
  • Standard window sizes are very comfortable


What does a double hung window mean?

There are two sashes on double hung windows going up and down. There is one working sash on a single hung frame. Harvey double hung windows have tilt-in sashes to allow washing inside and out, and for quick replacement, if anything breaks through the glass.

Why are double hung windows advantageous?

New double hanging windows will significantly reduce energy-efficient heating and cooling costs. Old windows are ineffective, and even windows that are over ten years old have not been built for energy efficiency.

Are double hung windows more expensive?

The bulk of windows with double hung windows cost about 75% more than single-hung windows. Single windows priced at between $100 and $300 per window, and equivalent double-hung windows can range between $400 and $600.

How much do double hung replacement windows cost?

Some of the most common windows for replacement in a home are double hang window construction. $450-$585 is the price that usually costs for the double hung windows.

Are double hung windows more energy efficient?

When closed unsuccessfully, the sashes in a double hanging window induce heating or cooling failure. Another sash can be secured and protected more easily. In fact, a single hanging removes the tendency of the top sash to malfunction when unlocked ornate.

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