Installing Impact Windows & Doors: Commercial Renovations

By Published On: June 3, 2020Categories: Home Tips
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Installing Hurricane resistant impact windows and doors on commercial properties is beneficial for so many reasons. Not only will your business save money, but you will improve the value of your property. You can also guarantee that your clients, guests, employees, and property will remain safe in the event of an attempted security breach or major storm. 

Save Money with Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

There are a number of ways installing hurricane impact windows and doors can help you save money. 

The first way is that these windows and doors are constructed to keep out harmful UV rays. In choosing hurricane proof windows, you will have to decide between the laminated glass and laminated insulated glass. Both types of glass are very effective in reducing UV rays. The laminated glass alone is known to keep out up to 99% of UV rays! However, an added benefit of choosing laminated insulated glass is that there is the inclusion of an additional pane of glass which creates an airtight seal. This seal will help prevent air leaks on your property. You will also have the option of adding a Low-E coating or tint to this pane of glass, which will help to reduce temperature fluctuations inside your property during the hot South Florida summer months! All of these features of hurricane resistant glass also benefit the overall cooling system of your property. A couple of factors that can contribute to overworking your cooling system are sunlight transmittance and heat gain. When sunlight is allowed into your property in abundance, the inside air will heat up, causing your air conditioner to work extremely hard to cool the air again. The laminated and laminated insulated glass will help prevent this from happening and will, in turn, add longevity to your cooling system and save you money on your electric bill! 

Another way you can save money by installing hurricane impact windows and doors is on your insurance plan! Under legal obligation, Florida is required to offer “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials” for any construction that will reduce the risk of loss or damage in the event of a hurricane. Here, you can access the Florida Insurance Savings Calculator to see just how much the installation of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors can save you. 


Keep Clients and Employees Safe

Keeping your clients, guests, employees, and property safe is one of your biggest priorities and it’s one of ours as well. At STS Impact Windows & Doors, we are proud to install hurricane impact resistant windows using the highest quality products that will keep everyone safe in the event of any attempted breach or break-in. All glass types are made to withstand the force of impact, and all of the glass in our windows and doors is shatterproof, meaning that even if the glass breaks, it will not enter the building or allow for any type of unwanted invasion. All of our products have gone through the strictest set of testing in compliance with Miami-Dade NOA standards. 

The testing is as follows:

  • Large Missile Test: 2×4 missile weighing 9 pounds shot from a canon at 50 feet per second; two impacts
  • Small Missile Test: Ten 2 gram steel balls cannon test at 89 mph; three impacts

Various points on these windows are impacted during testing to ensure their durability and resistance. In complying with the Large Missile Standard, we can assure you our impact resistant windows will withstand any type of blow, and each product comes with the Notice of Approval (NOA) from Miami-Dade county. If you’re interested, you can check to verify products that have received this NOA with their public search tool

Miami-Dade has set up the strictest set of guidelines for product approval due to the impending threat of major hurricanes every year. Installing our hurricane resistant windows and doors will leave you feeling reassured that your property will be secured in the event of a major hurricane; they have also been pressure tested to ensure leakproof reliability. 

Add Value to Your Property

The addition of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors can add value and beauty to your property as no other renovation can. As we’ve previously mentioned, insurance agencies know the value of impact windows and doors, as they are required to offer discounts to companies who’ve installed them. Future potential buyers will also see the value in this investment, allowing you to maximize potential profits when you’re ready to sell. STS Impact Windows & Doors can help you choose customized products, sure to complement and retain the unique style of your property. 

Leave Installation to Professionals 

An important factor to note is, if you want to ensure your property benefits from the installation of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors, then you’ll want to leave the job up to the professionals. During the renovation process, installers will need to remove existing windows and frames. Some of the siding on the exterior of the property may have to be removed in order to remove the windows; professionals will ensure that none of the sidings is damaged in the process as it will need to be re-installed later. The professional installers at STS Impact Windows & Doors are trained to make sure no unnecessary damage is inflicted on your property during this process. We will also take the time to properly fit each window frame, cutting and trimming where necessary, in order to create a seamless appearance and combat costly air leaks in the future. 

STS Impact Windows & Doors is here to help you with your commercial renovation. Feel free to call us today with any questions you may have! Helping you improve your business is our top priority! 

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