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By Published On: January 8, 2024Categories: Impact Windows
commercial impact windows

The demands on commercial windows are considerably higher in hurricane-prone regions such as South Florida. In a commercial setting, windows are often larger, and subject to intense weather beating due to the size and shape of the buildings. Commercial buildings are considered to be internal-load-dominated buildings with high concentrations of people, equipment, and lights all generating heat.

If you’re wondering how commercial impact windows might help, here are 8 advantages that impact windows can provide for your business.

1. Provide Permanent Protection From Hurricane & Storm Damage

Preparing for an incoming hurricane often means scrambling to close storm shutters, or putting up storm panels up to protect your property from damage. The beauty of installing impact windows is that you are permanently ready for the next storm or hurricane. It is a once-done solution that remains in place and takes away the need for extra effort. You can rest easy, knowing your building is ready 24/7 to keep the contents and occupants safe.

2. Enhance Esthetics & Storefront Appeal

Those involved in retail understand the value of having floor-to-ceiling storefront fixed or picture impact windows. Expansive panels like this add a sense of luxury to the indoor and outdoor esthetics of a shop and provide ample space for creative displays. Bigger windows also let more light into commercial spaces and create a natural feeling that shoppers enjoy.

The downside to large windows is that their size makes them vulnerable to breakage. Installing impact windows provides all the benefits of large panes, but with the added peace of mind that tough hurricane glass brings.


3. Increase Security & Safety

Impact windows are manufactured to stay intact even under severe circumstances. From a security point of view, impact windows make it impossible for potential burglars or thieves to smash a window to gain quick entry. Even if they succeed in breaking the glass, the multi-layers of impact glass remain intact and keep them out.

This design feature offers an additional safety benefit. If the window is smashed by an object during a storm, such as a tree or flying debris, the broken glass remains attached to the internal layers of film. This effectively prevents sharp glass shards from flying into the building and injuring the occupants.

4. Positively Affects Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies favor businesses that have impact glass installed for their windows. As impact glass withstands more force than regular windows, it is less likely to break, resulting in fewer claims to be paid out.

The other big plus for insurance companies is that hurricane glass provides greater protection for the contents of buildings and the people who work there. When a regular window shatters, everything inside becomes vulnerable to storm damage, resulting in larger insurance claims. Having impact windows reduces this risk, and can result in lower insurance premiums for businesses.

5. Increases Property Value

The value of an impact window extends far beyond its ability to protect a building during a hurricane or severe storm. Impact windows are an asset to the buildings they’re installed in, and raise the overall value of the property. Should the building be put on the market, impact windows add to the resale value.

6. Offers UV Protection

Due to the thick layers of glass and the laminate in between layers, impact windows are highly effective at keeping harmful UV rays out of buildings. Reduced UV ray exposure positively affects the working environment in three main areas:

Protects Employees

Any employee stationed near a regular glass window runs the risk of over-exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Installing impact windows can lower the risk of employees contracting sun-related illnesses such as melanoma or cataracts. Should the window be hit with force, impact glass won’t shatter inwards, sending sharp glass shards flying. Broken shards are kept in place by the inter-layer film, making it a much safer option for employees and customers.

Protects Products

Products placed on display in outward-facing windows run the risk of fading and being sun-damaged over time. Impact windows filter out over 90% of UV rays and reduce the occurrence of stock loss due to damage. Products can also be safely left on display overnight as burglars aren’t able to smash the glass to get to them.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

Keeping the sun out lowers the temperature inside buildings, reducing the cooling load on the AC. Hurricane windows are paired with weather seals fitted to the frames to prevent rain, dust, and cold air from getting inside during storms. These seals fulfill a dual purpose – effectively keeping the cooler air from escaping. Buildings fitted with impact windows become highly energy efficient, leading to reduced energy bills.

7. Cuts Out Noise Pollution

Commercial buildings are often positioned in busier areas to be easily accessible by their clientele. While this leads to lots of foot traffic, it can also mean being surrounded by a busy, noisy neighborhood.

Creating a peaceful atmosphere for your customers and clients can have a direct knock-on effect on your sales and, ultimately, the profitability of your business. Have you ever tried to run a business meeting with a chainsaw operating in the room next door? While the analogy is extreme, the point stands. The ability to keep neighborhood noise out of your building is key to being able to set the tone inside.

8. Suitable For All Commercial Applications

Impact windows are customizable to suit any design or building plan. Whether you’re in retail and need beautiful shop windows, or require something more functional for your office block, we can meet your needs. Impact windows are highly suited to the hospitality industry as they meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of establishments that cater to the needs of their guests.

Invest In Commercial Impact Windows For Your South Florida Business

If you run a business in South Florida and want to experience the benefits of investing in commercial impact windows, we can help. With over 20 years in the business, STS Impact Windows & Doors is a leading provider of impact windows in the commercial space. Contact us for a free quote and let’s get your business under cover!

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