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By Published On: January 11, 2024Categories: Impact Windows
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As we welcome the new year, we often find ourselves thinking about New Year’s resolutions. From personal and family goals to work-related targets, one New Year’s resolution we can easily overlook is the security and safety of our homes. The start of a new year is the perfect time to add to your property’s value by prioritizing the safety and security of your family. One home or office upgrade worth considering is the installation of custom impact windows. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of custom impact windows and how they can add value to your property.

Why Consider Custom Impact Windows?

South Florida is prone to its fair share of hurricanes, high winds, and excessive heat. Conventional windows are vulnerable to shattering in extreme weather conditions and can risk your family’s safety. Impact windows are designed to withstand harsh forces and provide a strong barrier against rain and wind. Their strength lies in the multiple-layered construction of each window, which prevents the risk of shattering.


The Benefits Of Custom Impact Windows

Impact windows come with some clear advantages. From added strength to improved aesthetics, here’s a look at how they can stand out in your home or office.

Fully Customizable

STS Impact Window & Doors can offer you customizable impact windows that come in a variety of styles and variations and can be made to your desired dimension and size. Our customizable range includes half-circle and circle glass windows and a multitude of shapes for bespoke windows.

  • Picture/Architectural windows​​​​​​ – These are fixed windows that can’t open. Picture windows are best suited for large windows that don’t have any visible frames or breaks. The result is an unobstructed view from inside your home. Picture windows are less prone to leakage and work well for high areas and lofts.​​​​​​

Improved Security

The impact windows we install have a strong interlayer, bonded together by a pane of bonded glass on each side. This design offers excellent protection against intruders and allows you to feel secure in your home. With impact windows, you can enjoy improved security, without feeling like you’re caged in or restricted in your home.

Long-Term Savings

The windows we install come with a lifetime limited warranty as the frame and insulating glass unit are engineered to the highest standards. A limited lifetime warranty means that you won’t be spending money regularly on replacing faulty or damaged windows. By installing custom impact windows, you’re also saving money by adding value to your home.

Great Esthetic

South Florida is home to some exquisite properties. Top South Florida homes have been architecturally thought out and have a high visual appeal. Sadly, many homeowners prioritize the safety and security of their homes at the expense of compromising on design aesthetics. With custom impact windows, you can enjoy a secure home with a wide range of finishes, styles, and designs. There’s no need to compromise on your desired design at the expense of safety concerns.

Energy Efficient

A reputable custom Impact window manufacturer will offer energy-efficient coatings to help reduce heat build-up. Less heat build-up means that your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool. You’ll be relying less on your air-conditioner, which means considerable energy savings. Research has shown that heating and cooling costs on homes can account for up to 46% of your home’s energy usage every month. By opting for an energy-efficient coating on your impact windows, you’ll be contributing towards a lower monthly energy bill.

Hurricane Protection

Custom impact windows provide substantial hurricane protection. This is because trusted impact windows have undergone rigorous testing and can withstand hurricane-force winds. These tests include simulated hurricane conditions in which windows are subjected to high-speed impacts. To guarantee your safety, always remember to use a licensed impact window installer.

UV Protection

The best impact windows come with a molecular-bonded coating that blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. If your home is west or south-facing, UV protection is a must to be able to enjoy extended times in the sun. Custom impact windows remove the risk of UV exposure and damage.

Reduced Noise

Noise pollution is a constant struggle in the hustle and bustle of city life. All of us could do with more insulated environments. Multi-layered impact windows can minimize outdoor sounds by up to 65%. This means that disturbances such as barking dogs, car horns, and lawnmowers will fade into the background.

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The STS Impact Windows & Doors Difference

STS Impact Windows & Doors is a reputable impact window installer, here are some reasons why we are worth considering:

Experienced Team

We are a fully licensed and insured Certified General Contractor. Our professional team carries a wide range of experience and has a full understanding of what goes into impact window installation. We understand the unique climatic needs of South Florida and the architectural considerations that surround this. Our team will give you the best window solution for your home.

Fully Compliant

We take pride in going beyond industry standards when it comes to impact resistance. With a wide range of partners and manufacturers, all of our impact windows are manufactured to the highest level for your security and safety.

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Custom Impact Windows In South Florida

With STS Impact Windows & Doors, you can enjoy a wide range of customization. Whatever your aesthetic, our team recognizes the need for different styles, coatings, and finishes when it comes to windows. No matter what your dimensions or needs are, why not call our professional team at 877-822-4672 to get the custom impact windows for your home or business?

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