Signs Of Water Damage: Is It Time To Install Hurricane Impact Windows?

By Published On: March 5, 2024Categories: Impact Windows
hurricane impact windows

In the face of unpredictable weather patterns and severe storms, Florida home and business owners can find themselves grappling with the potential risks of water damage. From subtle leaks to catastrophic flooding, the aftermath can be financially and emotionally devastating. That’s why we’ve created this resource to help you learn how to spot the signs of water damage before it’s too late. As we explain the tell-tale signs to look out for, we’ll also provide a solution: hurricane impact windows.

water damage

7 Signs of Water Damage

Water damage signs are easy to dismiss until the damage is so severe it can’t be ignored any longer. Knowing what to look for can help prevent costly and potentially catastrophic damage. Keep an eye out for:

  1. Peeling Paint
  2. Water Stains
  3. Foggy or Cloudy Glass
  4. Mold or Mildew
  5. Rotting Wood
  6. Warped Frames
  7. Glass Cracks

Peeling Paint

The first thing that happens with excess moisture exposure is blistered paint that will begin to crack and then peel. Many homeowners make the mistake of painting over the damaged paint which can create a bigger problem down the road. Peeling paint from water damage can be spotted on the wall and window frame. Other signs of water damage to look out for that are similar to peeling paint is bubbled wallpaper.

Water Stains

Brown, yellow, or white stains are a primary indicator of water damage. These stains can be visible around the frame, drywall, exterior, or on the glass. Often, water stains indicative of water damage are circular or oval shaped and are only the visible part of potential damage. The extent of water damage like this can extend far beyond the window, frame, and sill.

Foggy or Cloudy Glass

When a window is damaged from excess water, the glass may appear foggy or cloudy. Foggy and cloudy glass or window panes with excessive condensation often indicate water damage. Once these signs appear, it’s time to replace your windows with hurricane impact windows.

Mold or Mildew

A classic, tell tale sign you’ve got a water damage problem is a damp, musty smell that won’t go away no matter how much you clean. Mold and mildew will begin to grow around windows, including seals, drywall, and even baseboards when excess moisture is present.

Rotting Wood

Along with the presence of mold and mildew, excess moisture can cause the wood of the window frame and sill to rot. If you notice peeling paint, mold or mildew, cracking, splintering, or chipping on the window frame, it’s time to call the professionals. Ignoring these signs of water damage can cause serious and often costly issues. A window frame that is rotting isn’t structurally sound and in severe cases, the entire window casing can collapse.

Warped Frames

Both heat and excessive moisture can cause the window frame to warp and bend. Water damage causes the wood to swell and then shrink, ultimately forcing the frame to warp.

Glass Cracks

Though this is an obvious and visible sign of window damage, cracks in the glass can begin small and then morph into an emergency problem. Cracks in the glass can happen from hurricane weather damage including flying debris and hail. They can also occur when the windows are no longer keeping excess moisture out.

Horizontal Rolling Windows

The Role of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane impact windows are just what they sound like windows that are specially designed for hurricane weather. These windows are shatter resistant and rated for hurricane-force winds, meaning they play a vital role in protecting your home from not only water damage but much more.

Hurricane impact windows are made of multiple layers of laminated and tempered glass. Laminated glass offers extra protection in the event the outer layer is damaged or shattered in a storm. It is adhered with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) laminate and it ensures the damaged glass doesn’t break into sharp slivers and shatter everywhere. The multi-layer design is a primary reason these windows are so durable.

Beyond the added protective layers that prevent the glass from shattering, hurricane windows are wind-pressure resistant and they provide structural reinforcement through their durable framing. Additional benefits include added UV protection, noise reduction, and added home security.

Worried about the cost? The return on investment (ROI) of impact windows (and doors) doesn’t stop with the convenience of shatterproof glass. Some homeowners see reduced insurance costs, energy savings, tax benefits, and higher resale value of their home.

STS Window Installation Boca Raton

Installation Process, Customizations, and Considerations

Starting the installation process is easy. First, we’ll book your free consultation. During the consultation, an impact windows and doors expert will discuss every option with you and guide you through finding the perfect fit for your home or business. Hurricane impact windows boast tons of benefits and they come in many different types and styles.

Single and Double-Hung Impact Windows

The difference between these two types of windows is the sash. A window sash is the movable panel that creates the frame that holds panes of glass. With single hung windows, the bottom sash can move while the top one is fixed in place. These are the most common type of windows used in home construction. Double-hung impact windows have a movable sash on the top and bottom, creating a window that can protrude out from the frame.

Casement Impact Windows

Casement windows are most often referred to and thought of as crank windows. These windows feature hinges on the side and can open either outwardly or to the left or right. Casement impact windows are commonly used to preserve the view of a particular home or property.

Horizontal Roller Impact Windows

This type of window features tracks in the top and bottom of the frame, allowing the window to open horizontally using rollers. Horizontal roller impact windows come with both two and three pane (or section) customization.

Impact Awning Windows

Awning impact windows are commonly used in basements and staircases. Because awning windows open outward from the bottom rather than the top, they create an awning that can deflect water and rain.

Once a style is selected, we’ll double check the initial measurements and then obtain the correct permits from both the city and your HOA. During installation, your flooring, furniture, and assets are protected from additional messes or damage.

After installation is complete, the city or county inspector and our team will complete the final inspection to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

South Florida Hurricane Impact Window & Door Installation Company

We know how much home safety and protection of your home and family means to you. With STS Impact Windows & Doors, you’re guaranteed quality, licensed and insured professionals, 3-year installation warranty, 25 years of service, and much more. Our impact windows are manufactured by the best and most reliable companies on the market including:

  • ES Windows
  • CGI Impact Windows & Doors​​​​​​
  • Eco Windows
  • WinDoor​​​​​​
  • Therma Tru

To set up a free consultation and quote or to request a call back, contact us and experience the STS way. With warranties, experience, and a dedication to full transparency, STS Impact Windows & Doors is here to serve you.

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