Hurricane Windows and Doors Save Your Business Money

By Published On: April 8, 2020Categories: Home Tips
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With all of the costs associated with starting a new business, savvy entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for ways to save money. Today we are going to look into all the ways you can save money by installing hurricane impact windows and doors, and possibly even generate better business!

Save on Insurance

Business insurance premiums are costly due to a number of factors, such as your type of business, your loss history, the location of your business, and how long you’ve been established. Luckily, installing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors on your property can save you money!

Under legal obligation, Florida is required to offer “discounts, credits or other rate differentials” for any construction that will reduce the risk of loss or damage in the event of a hurricane. Here, you can access the Florida Insurance Savings Calculator to see just how much the installation of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors can save you. 

Save on Energy Costs by Minimizing Air Leaks

When you own a property in South Florida, energy costs can fluctuate greatly due to a number of factors, such as the time of year, the type of insulation your property has, and the types of windows and doors you’ve installed. Installing impact resistant windows and doors can help you save on energy costs all-year-round! Not only do impact resistant windows and doors provide more insulation for your house, but they also provide an air-tight seal, minimizing the amount of air leaks around your property. 

If you are going to attempt to minimize air leaks yourself, the process of detecting air leaks on your new property will nonetheless require the consultation of an expert. A technician will need to conduct an energy audit to determine where your property is losing air, particularly through the use of a blower door test. This test is a process that lowers the pressure inside of your property, therefore allowing air to flow through any improperly sealed areas or openings. The test will determine the air infiltration rate of your property. 

Once you’ve determined the areas around your new business that need a reinforced seal, the only way of attempting to hermetically seal your property’s existing windows yourself would be by caulking the existing window frames. While you might think of this as an easy, money-saving solution, the process can be extremely messy, not to mention time-consuming, with the result often leaving something to be desired. Installing hurricane impact windows will add beauty to your property and also guarantee that air leaks will be minimized, if not eliminated altogether. 

If you wanted to attempt to seal your existing doors better, it would be achieved by using weather-stripping. There are many different types of weather-stripping to choose from, and it is recommended that you choose your product based on the specific location you’re attempting to seal. While the options can be cost-effective, many of the choices are not durable and will not hold up to changing weather conditions or even normal wear and tear. Some areas may require a specific type of seal as well and can be tricky to install, sometimes requiring the work of a professional.

If that all sounds like a lot to take on, we don’t blame you. With all of your concerns in starting a new business, attempting to maximize the indoor air quality of your property shouldn’t be something that gives you a headache, and you shouldn’t have to diminish the overall look of your property in doing so. By calling STS Impact Windows & Doors today, you can find out how installing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors can improve your overall indoor air quality without the bulky appearance of added caulking and weather-stripping. 

Improve Overall Cooling System

Ensuring that your property is impenetrable to air loss by installing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors will lower the amount that your cooling system is overworked. Installing hurricane impact windows and doors will improve your cooling system overall due to multiple reasons. A lot of factors go into a space’s ability to keep itself cool. One factor that needs to be kept in mind is avoiding heat buildup inside of your property. This can be achieved through the use of proper window treatments.

All types of hurricane impact windows and doors use effective window treatments and there are many different options to choose from, from Low-E glass coating, window tinting to the addition of argon gas. Efficient window treatments, which are used in all of our impact windows and doors, will greatly improve the overall cooling of your property, in turn resulting in a lower utility bill! 

Generate Better Business

Imagine: you’re in a meeting with a client, trying to seal the most important deal of your career, but every point you make is getting drowned out by the noise of the busy traffic outside. You fumble your words; your concentration is lost; the deal slips through your fingers. Don’t let this type of scenario put a damper on the success of your new business. Reduce noise pollution and create the ideal environment for client interaction by installing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. All of our impact windows and doors have a high STC rating, which is a product’s ability to block sound. Installation can reduce outside noise by up to 90-95%! 

In addition to improving the sound quality of business, hurricane impact resistant windows and doors add a sleek and modern look to2 any property. As window tint can be added directly to the glass, there is no need for the use of clunky blinds or other tacky window fixtures. Woo your clients and guests with the impressive, unencumbered views of your establishment.

Let STS Impact Windows & Doors Help You Save!

With the ability to cut back on energy costs and impress clients simultaneously, installing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors is no-brainer. Call STS Impact Windows & Doors today to explore the many ways we can help you improve the success of your business and save you money!

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