Several elements make a window or door impact rated, such as the frame and sashe engineering, the quality of weather stripping, the different types of glass used, and the type of low emission coating on the impact glass. 

These products protect your home from more than hurricane-force damage; they also guard your family against would-be intruders. The most common way to achieve impact resistance in windows and doors is to select a product that uses laminated glass, laminated insulating glass, or heat-strengthened glass.

All impact-resistant laminated glass and laminated insulating glass must pass the Miami-Dade Building Code High-Velocity Hurricane Zone test standard – HVHZ, to receive a Miami Dade NOA (product approval). The Miami-Dade County Standard does not allow the test missile (9-pound 2×4 at 34 mph) to penetrate the unit or protective system and does not allow it to break the glass behind the protective system.

Even if the glass is damaged or shatters, the interlayer will hold the glass pieces secure in the frame and continue to keep unwanted elements outside.